Odd Science

Ok…I know what you are all thinking….

“It’s been 2 months already! Where have you been?”

I am so sorry, I really am! I’ve just been kind of busy trying to avoid drowning in my growing pile of homework and trying to keep up with my hectic schedule, haha XD

I still owe you guys an article on the pros and cons of the food/service industry. I promise it will be worth your while. I also have some really good news. I will also be  including a few more articles very soon, such as a few icebreakers regarding my work life, and some fun information on the growing zoo in my apartment (and what I wish it to be in the future….I see a room full of scale babies in my future x3).

For now, I will resume with some odd science and I will also be starting a new segment once or twice a week to keep you guys up to date with my studies and my daily life.

Odd Science #3

If you were to drive your car straight up in the air, you would arrive in space in as little as an hour. Lols, isn’t that weird?



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