Good News!

Hey guys,

I have some great news :). I’m super excited about this. x3

Well, I was on Amazon the other day and I kind of really wanted to get a veterinary medicine related book to start some very early (but simple) reading for Vet school. A few years back, I was always obsessing on the idea of buying myself the Merck Veterinary book. It was my all-time most wanted book. Like I seriously have never wanted a book this bad. (think of a kid in a candy store :I)

Well…I finally got it x3 I was always stopping myself from getting it in the past because of the expense, and amazon had a great deal, and you have no idea how excited I am to receive it. @.@

It will be arriving this Friday and I will probably be unable to contain my excitement.

I know what you’re all thinking….How can someone be so crazy over a book? The answer? I have no idea XD! I’m just crazy, I guess?

Also, some more great news. I got myself a new little friend at one of my favorite breeders the other day. I’ll keep you all on your toes and not tell you until I put the pics  up (Awwws, no fair 😦 ). It will be a cute surprise for you all and I hope you all adore her as much as I do. ❤

I’ll give you all a hint (a weird one actually): They are very good at bluffing. They are harmless but skilled at making predators think they are danger noodles (I hope at least some of you get that reference, haha) They are experts at playing dead. They are also very cute and all I want to do is cuddle and love her. Let see who will get it right 😉







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