Odd Science

Hey everyone,

I’m really sorry that I haven’t had the chance to post much lately. I’ve been very busy lately with my studies and my job. I’m currently working on a new post you all might like.

It’s called “The Pros and Cons of working in the Food industry”. I just thought it would be something fun to write about considering the fact that I do work in the food industry at  large coffee chain restaurant. I’ve had my fair share of crazy, funny and odd experiences there and I thought I would share to give you an insight on the work labor part of my life. I’ll try to have it up within the next few days (awws…boo 😦 ) and I hope you all enjoyed my last article on the pros and cons of online studies. Hope it wasn’t too boring 😛

Now, for some odd science that will blow your mind (No, seriously, I just stared at my screen for a few to absorb what I read after I found this :I )

Odd Science #2

Did you know that there is enough DNA in a single individual’s body to stretch all the way from the Sun to Pluto and back….17 times (stares blankly at screen….How is that even possible?)


Hmm, from what I found in a quick search, the genetic code found in each human cell has 23 DNA molecules that each contain 500 thousand to  2.5 million nucleotide pairs. These DNA molecules can be as long as 8.5 cm long when you uncoil them and with as many as 37 trillion cells making up your body, uncoiling all this DNA from each and every single cell would be 17 round trips to Pluto. That’s actually really cool! Amazing actually! This is why I love science ^.^ Learn something new every day 🙂




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