Congratulations, it’s a blog!

first-post1Wow! My very first blog post! How exciting!

Hi, My name is Sabrina, but you can refer to me as Zabby if you would like 🙂

I recently started this blog because I would like to document my 7-8 year long adventure on the road to veterinary hood and share it with all of you.

Now, why exactly would I do this? Because I am a big science nerd with a love for animals, and a special place in my heart for exotics (in which I am hoping to specialise in).

I am currently a high school graduate seeking out some extra prerequisite credits that I absolutely need in order to apply to my biochemistry program at OttawaU (yay, science!). Yes, I know…why exactly would I start a blog so early on in my education? Because I have so many fun and interesting things to share with you all while I’m waiting to start my bachelor program.

For now, my blog will be a compilation of my journey to undergrad, my life experiences, as well as fun stories and interesting facts. I really love reptiles, so I promise there will be a lot of reptile related blogs as well.

Well, enough about me…Tell me about yourself, ask me all the questions you want. If you have any suggestions, please do 🙂 Go crazy!



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